Securing Our Future Through Preserving Our Past



What we are accomplishing at Loudonshire Farm has no political motive or agenda. Our practices are not centered on what is en vogue, cliché, or politically correct idiom. We are not engaged in any crusades to save the planet, fight the establishment, or take agriculture back into the dark ages. We are simply doing what is correct; which is, trying to preserve our resources, our history, and our sacred traditions that have helped forge our culture and society over the past millennia. In a modern world where genetic manipulation and feedlots have become normalized, we are preserving our sacred thoroughbred lines of heritage domesticates – and raising them to new standards of sophistication in quality.



Black Welsh Mountain Sheep




Loudonshire Quality


Our commitment is to the betterment of our livestock, poultry, and waterfowl, their bloodlines, and the future of their sustainability – not sales. We strongly feel that to re-establish heritage food back into the norm it must supersede its commercial counterpart in nutrition, flavor, texture, and overall standard. Not allowing substandard products into the marketplace, securing chefs that understand quality heritage meats, poultry, and waterfowl coupled with menus that represent and advocate the nature of our domesticates are means to successful reintroduction and integration back into the American palate.  You can expect a new level of quality and purpose when you work with Loudonshire Farm.

Heritage Livestock, Poultry, & Waterfowl 

Sometimes the best step forward is to take a step back 



Worldclass Waterfowl 


Loudonshire Commitment



We work with local Chefs in New Hampshire that share our values and commitments. The Chefs we choose to work with are exceptional not only in their talent, but understand what Loudonshire Farm is, and is not. The Chefs that have chosen to work with us chose to work with Loudonshire Farm not because we are convenient or inexpensive, but have chosen to share in and support our mission while utilizing the consistent quality we deliver. These Chefs have stepped outside the paradigm of purchase and sales and are more than just customers – they are vital partners and investors of Loudonshire Farm, the livestock, poultry, and waterfowl raised here, and the future of New Hampshire agriculture.