Loudonshire Farm

A beacon along a new path

Loudonshire Farm operates around and upon our professional, personal, and spiritual values. Our first commitment is to the land we have stewardship of, taking precedence over what we do and how we accomplish our goals. Having confidence that if we leave this farm in better shape than we received her, those who will inherit the farm after us may continue her progression for those who inherit her after them, that the traditions of agricultural sustainability may continue for generations that yet to exist.

Élevage de Volailles Preservation Project

Securing a future through preserving the past

The Élevage de Volailles Preservation Project is the poultry and waterfowl aspect of Loudonshire Farm focused on securing a future of genetic diversity within today’s and tomorrow’s agricultural model. Our ambitions of preservation are focused behind our antiqued poultry and waterfowl that we believe still hold a place in the general agricultural future.

Loudonshire Farm

Loudon, New Hampshire

The breeds and varieties that we chose to work with have been well researched and not chosen only due to their status of endangerment. The breeds and varieties we have chosen to devote ourselves to we carefully selected due to their ability to serve their original intent – as a productive domesticate to the betterment of man and society. Others have been selected to safeguard heritage lines of livestock, poultry, and waterfowl that although currently popular, are being rapidly replaced with those of hybridization or genetic alteration. Once genetically altered or hybridized the changes are irrevocable. For this reason, we feel our vocation to these special domesticates is paramount.

As a significant component of our goals is resurrecting past domesticates to a recognized status across home and professional kitchens, establishments, and modern homesteads, we believe that this is best encapsulated through showcasing what they were and still capable of giving to modern society – an unremembered and unparalleled level of quality, value, and security in their intended development. When a domesticate is no longer able to serve its intentions and is of lesser quality and value than its modern counterpart, it is time to let go of the lesser and look forward to the future domesticate. We believe that the old domesticates that we have chosen to work with can not only compete against their modern counterparts but when raised correctly, can impressively outshine them.

While Loudonshire Farm is a farm, we are different in many ways to what general perceptions of farms are in today’s modern conceptions. Loudonshire Farm is a breeding facility first and foremost above all else. Our principal objective is redevelopment and refinement of our chosen livestock, poultry, and waterfowl to sustainable numbers and vigor, securing a future for them beyond historical accounts. Thus, what we do sell are secondary products originating from our breeding programs and breed evaluations. Loudonshire Farm is not open to the public as other farms, and we do not engage in the growing popularity of agritourism.

We work with local Chefs in New Hampshire that share our values and commitments. The Chefs we choose to work with are exceptional not only in their talent, but understand what Loudonshire Farm is, and is not. The Chefs that have chosen to work with us chose to work with Loudonshire Farm not because we are convenient or inexpensive, but have chosen to share in and support our mission while utilizing the consistent quality we deliver. These Chefs have stepped outside the paradigm of purchase and sales and are more than just customers – they are vital partners and investors of Loudonshire Farm, the livestock, poultry, and waterfowl raised here, and the future of New Hampshire agriculture.