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Quality Without Compromise

Loudonshire Farm is dedicated to supplying the highest quality meat, poultry, and waterfowl available. This dedication is not the end-goal of our quest; but rather, only the beginning. Genuine quality in meat is not defined by labels or slogans used in marketing - it is experienced and defined through all our senses.

Why Return To Heritage Breeds?

Sometimes in order to continue forward, we need to take a step backwards.

The Breed Defines The Quality

The breeds and varieties that we chose to work with have been well researched and not chosen only due to their status of endangerment. The breeds and varieties we have chosen to devote ourselves to we carefully selected due to their ability to serve their original intent – as a productive domesticate to the betterment of man and society. Others have been selected to safeguard heritage lines of livestock, poultry, and waterfowl that although currently popular, are being rapidly replaced with those of hybridization or genetic alteration. Once genetically altered or hybridized the changes are irrevocable. For this reason, we feel our vocation to these special domesticates is paramount.
As a significant component of our goals is resurrecting past domesticates to a recognized status across home kitchens, professional kitchens and establishments, and modern homesteads, we believe that this is best encapsulated through showcasing what they were and still capable of giving to modern society – an unremembered and unparalleled level of quality and value in their intended development. When a domesticate is no longer able to serve its intentions and is of lesser quality and value than its modern counterpart, it is time to let go of the lesser and look forward to the future domesticate.
We believe that the old domesticates that we have chosen to work with can not only compete against their modern counterparts but when raised correctly, but can impressively outshine them. And we know from our successes and loyal following of those seeking a better and healthier food supply for their family we are on the right path. We also know, that once you engade with the past, you also will understand the importance of the heritage breeds and what they will contribute to your own kitchen, either personal or professional.

More Than A Farm - A Community

At Loudonshire, we pride ourselves in following the in the footsteps of our forefathers. While today it may seem a waste of time and money in following the old traditions, we know we are helping to re-establish the wisdom that healthy pastures create healthy livestock, which in turn, is indicative of our own health.
Our “unimproved” breeds were never in feedlots or just on the land, but rather, were a part of the land, and a portion of us. There was a marriage between the livestock being developed for the land and the land being developed for the livestock. This marriage succeeded for aeons before industrialization created separation and dissociation between us and how we arrived at where we were.
Taking a step backward from the industrialized model of agriculture, utilizing our heritage livestock that once was the cornerstone of our farms and homesteads, the foundation of our culture and traditions, and the lifeblood of of our culture and civilization, we bear witness to a greater reward above finer meats available today, we find a connection back to the land, our past, and why our traditions were established. By turning once again to re-imagining our land to best accommodate our livestock in health and stability, along with choosing the correct livestock for our land’s sustainability and terroir, we once again return to the way nature and nature’s God intended our community to prosper.
We welcome you in joining us and our already loyal community on this journey to return to the footsteps of our forefathers, the heritage, the traditions, and the quality of life they left for us – our inheritance.