Loudonshire Poultry

Rediscovering Quality In Every Aspect

Returning To Basics

By the mid-19th century, poultry was transformed from a major contributor of personal health, well-being, and livelihood to simple show-stock. By the turn of the century, poultry would take the route of mass production. Edward Brown would write in this time that "once people learn to eat bad food, they will never go back." By the mid 21st century we took food, and poultry to a new low. Today, true poultry for our kitchen is a lost art, and something that Loudonshire Farm is trying to rejuvenate.


Chocolate Turkeys

One of the oldest domesticated turkey varieties, and possibly the finest available. Once you realize what turkey is supposed to be, you will never return to commercial turkeys.

Dark Cornish Chickens

Dating back to Cornwall England of the 19th century, when chickens were a major part of the homestead and society, the Dark Cornish was the backbone of feeding a nation, and of quality.