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DE • IN • KY • MD • NJ • NY • NC • OH • PA • SC • VA • WV

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How Our Shipping Works

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We carefully package your order and have FedEx deliver to your door.

Loudonshire Farm has two regions that we are able to service at this time. These regions fall into FedEx 1-Day and 2-Day delivery service, depending on where you are located.

We use the best technology in packaging available to us to ensure your order reaches you in a safe condition, and to your expectations. We use FedEx as our shipping provider due to their care of our product and consistent delivery times. Unfortunately, once your order is picked-up and on its way to you, we are no longer in control of your order. While in transit, something may go wrong that is beyond Loudonshire Farm's or FedEx's control which may delay your delivery. For this reason, we package all orders to make a 3-day transit to you, and remain in great condition when you receive them. It is normal for an order to be partially thawed after transit, especially during the hot summer months. This does not make your order unsafe. We package everything you order to make it to you under all normal conditions; but if for any reason, when you receive your order and are unsatisfied, contact us immediately so we can make make it right with you.

We package and ship all orders every Monday. If you are within our FedEx 1-Day delivery region, your order should arrive on Tuesday of the same week. If you are within our FedEx 2-Day delivery region, you order should arrive on Wednesday of the same week. While we package with care and with the best technology, there are certain times throughout the year that we understand is inappropriate to try to deliver perishable shipments to our customers. This may include severe weather with very high temperatures or storms that will impact transit to your location or from ours. With keeping your order in great condition, and keeping the people who deliver your items safe, we may choose to delay an order with notification to you. We also are unable to ship your order on any Monday that falls on a national holiday, and those ship dates will reschedule to a Tuesday.

Loudonshire Farm produces many items that are currently not available to those who need their orders shipped due to laws, regulations, or logistics. If you live within a reasonable distance to the farm, you can always change your delivery options to enable pickup at the farm for those special products as many do. If you need help in changing your delivery method or placing a special order, please contact us.

The boxes, insulation, and gel-packs that we send with your order are all recyclable and biodegradable. Please recycle these items as you would normally with any other like material.