Growing up in the house of a certified master chef, raised in the old Escoffier Restaurant with those same principals, and following my father across the local farms as a child to purchase our food in the same context, real quality ingredients have always been the baseline. Knowing that what you plate begins with pure base ingredients, my vocation is to deliver the highest-quality meats, poultry, and waterfowl available — anywhere. For those looking to leave the meat aisle and feedlots behind, Loudonshire Farm is here to help you stop cooking and start creating.
When you purchase your meats from Loudonshire Farm, you are not only receiving the highest level of quality that we can deliver with our terroir, but you are also sharing in the progression of returning to past sustainable agriculture practices and breeds of livestock that not only have proven to sustain and develop cultures across forgotten millennia but will continue to sustain and define our culture through the foreseeable future.
Loudonshire Farm was started with the idea that our food supply could be local and of superb quality rather than what is commercially available. We also came to
the epiphany that the quality level we sought would be unattainable by raising modern commercial livestock. The heritage lines we established at Loudonshire Farm were chosen due to their former societal roles in sustaining a community and their former status as what was once considered the standard in their class for quality before modern breeds replaced them. We invite you to share in our journey of returning to genuine quality food without the GMOs, antibiotics, hormones, steroids,
and now mRNA vaccines that feedlots fill our meat aisles and restaurants with.

Loudonshire Farm

Nestled in the Capital Region of central New Hampshire, Loudonshire Farm serves our local community with great products and extends our local community to all of New England. For everyone seeking to change how they source their food, Loudonshire Farm is a great convenient alternative. With our ability to have our lamb, hogget, and mutton delivered directly to your door, our local community is you, regardless of where you live.

What We Breed, Raise, & Deliver