About Loudonshire Farm

The Who, What, & Why Of What We Do

Loudonshire Farm: Charting a New Course in Sustainable Agriculture

At Loudonshire Farm, our roots lie in a profound desire to diverge from the industrial agricultural norms that rely heavily on chemicals, GMOs, and hormones. Our story is one of transformation and dedication to a more natural way of farming. Disenchanted with the conventional agricultural practices, we chose a path less traveled, one that would redefine the way we grow and raise our food.

This journey began with a thorough investigation into sustainable farming practices. We committed ourselves to learn and implement strategies that would enable us to produce food in harmony with nature. This included embracing traditional farming techniques, focusing on the wellbeing of our livestock, and nurturing the land with a mindful approach.

Today, Loudonshire Farm is a living embodiment of this journey. We stand proud as a beacon of sustainable and responsible farming, where the health of the land and the quality of our produce are paramount. Our farm is a testament to the belief that a different, more mindful way of farming is not only possible but essential.

We welcome you to join us at Loudonshire Farm, where every product tells the story of our commitment to a healthier, more sustainable future in agriculture.


Jim Czack

The son of a world-renowned Certified Master Chef, food and the agriculture behind it has always been in the forefront. While not choosing to follow in my father's footsteps as my sister, the same drive was still implanted.
After an equestrian career across the United States, Germany, France, and Ireland came to an end, attention was once again focused  back onto family basics - the culinary arts, and where our food comes from.
Choosing not to enter the kitchens but remaining on the farm, focus on redeveloping the lost arts of where quality began became passion. Genuine quality is either created or destroyed on the farm before it ever reaches a kitchen. It is my personal vocation to reach perfection.

"The breeds we use are as important as where and how they are raised. The breed makes a world of difference. When bred, raised, slaughtered, and prepared correctly the breed is the beginning and final determination of quality."

Jim Czack

Annette Young

My 6th grade Reedland Woods Middle School science teacher assigned us to design our dream home. Little did I realize, after decades as both a licensed marine engineer at sea aboard unlimited horsepower ships on several seas, and NH nuclear engineer maintaining nuclear submarines, that Loudonshire Farm would become my dream home. I remain grateful for this opportunity to facilitate Loudonshire's terrior in which our livestock may thrive as God intended: Sheep to be sheep. Waterfowl to be waterfowl. Turkeys to be turkeys. Is there better satisfaction my husband and I share than to witness their personalities, their social construct, their interactions with us; or our customers', families' and friends' response to so natural an environment? I think not. We are truly blessed.