Loudonshire Embden Geese

The only goose worthy of Martinmas and Christmas celebrations

The Loudonshire Difference 

For more than 20 years Loudonshire Farm has been striving for perfection in producing the the time honored and celebrated Christmas centerpiece. While many breeds and varieties of geese exist, the heritage White Embden goose has no rival in it's historical distinction as the finest meat to uphold the Christmas legacy. We are certain that once you venture away from the status-quo and return to tradition, you will no longer be remiss of what the Christmas table revolves around. 


What To Expect From Loudonshire Embden

Loudonshire White Embden geese present a distinct flavor and texture that separates them from their commercial counterparts, either industrially or farm raised. Our Embdens have a beautiful strength and richness of flavor, with a lean yet proper texture without gaminess. Due to the richness and balanced fullness, our geese create an unparalleled centerpiece for the Christmas table.

Ordering Our Geese

Loudonshire Farm raises a minimal number of our Embden geese yearly for the the Christmas season. To experience the traditional Christmas centerpiece as only Loudonshire Farm can create, a non-refundable deposit is required.

2024 Christmas goose deposit $50.00
$14.00/lb (minus deposit) at time of pickup
Average weight 10-14 lbs

As with all our waterfowl and poultry, all orders must be picked up at the farm.