Loudonshire Chocolate Turkeys

The pièce de résistance of Thanksgiving

The Loudonshire Difference 

The heritage Chocolate turkey (Dindon de Chocolat)  holds it's superior character to the Jesuit breeding farms of 17th century France, and today remains as the highest standard available along side Le Noir du Gers. Meticulously bred, raised, and maintained by Loudonshire Farm for two decades -  the distinct quality is unmatched.


What To Expect From Loudonshire Turkeys

All turkeys are not equal, and yes - breed makes a world of difference. Superior genetics, our own formulated feed, and free range lifestyle make our Chocolate turkeys incomparable. Expect a turkey that displays the full rich flavor of turkey without gaminess, a texture that is soft, and a proper fat ratio that all fine meat exhibits, which allows for a bird that retains its moisture and tenderness throughout roasting.

2024 Thanksgiving Turkey Deposit $50
$8.00/LB (Minus Deposit) At Pickup

Ordering Our Turkeys

While we try to accommodate everyone's needs and desire for their Thanksgiving needs and desires to the best of our abilities, we are left to what nature hands us. Loudonshire Farm offers fresh heritage turkeys for Thanksgiving only, which requires a non-refundable deposit.

2024 Thanksgiving Turkey deposit $50.00
$8.00/lb (minus deposit) at time of pickup
Average weight 8-11 lbs Females 12-15lbs Males

As with all our poultry and waterfowl, all orders must be picked up at the farm.

Why the Chocolate Turkey?

The difference of quality that the Loudonshire exhibits over commercial turkeys and even other heritage varieties are clear and profound. The genetics behind four-hundred years of history, heritage, and tradition is something that not many turkey varieties can claim. With over a decade of our personal breed selection and refinement for quality, the way our experience has taught us to raise the Loudonshire against modern methods, and the way we violate conventional thinking of feed, age, and lifestyle display themselves in an experience of what turkeys used to be and can once again become.

While commercial turkeys on average normally are raised for fourteen weeks and their heritage counterparts generally being raised for twenty-eight weeks, we raise our turkeys for nine months to present you with the highest quality turkey for your Thanksgiving celebration. With our turkeys being allowed to live a longer fuller life, you will receive a turkey that shares a richness in flavor with a texture that is incomparable. Expect a turkey that displays the full, rich flavor of turkey without gaminess, a correct texture that all fine poultry should exhibit, and a proper fat ratio that all quality meats display which allows for a bird that retains its texture, moisture, and tenderness without compromise.

Every year we release a limited number of our Loudonshire turkeys for availability at Thanksgiving. These purchases are the last step in our multi-year breed selection process. Through purchasing the turkeys we make available each year at Thanksgiving, you are not only receiving the highest quality turkey available - anywhere, you are purchasing a share in the future of the Loudonshire turkey and the direction of agriculture for the next generation.