Even with something as simple as an egg, knowing your farmer and their practices makes a difference in your diet, health, and culinary technique. Whether you are looking for farm-fresh chicken eggs, duck eggs, or even turkey eggs, Loudonshire Farm has what you need. All of our birds live free-range lifestyles year-round as nature intended, creating fabulous-tasting eggs.
Loudonshire Farm can supply your bare breakfast essentials while equipping you with all your baking and culinary needs to deliver your visions across the year and a spectrum of needs through our specialized breeding programs of multiple species and breeds. Your final product depends upon the core ingredients forming the base of your vision. Loudonshire Farm can help you reach your goal; whether it's a simple omelet, a sophisticated souffle, or taking your gravies and sauces to the next level, something as simple as egg selection changes everything.
Is an egg an egg? The simple and concise answer is a resounding no. Whether you are looking to have basic kitchen staples, bake celebratory cakes, souffle, crepes, sauces, or even cheesecakes, the egg you choose determines the outcome of what your venture to create, and the quality behind the egg compounds the results. Every egg has its upside and downside to each task you ask of it.
All Eggs are also not nutritionally or culinaryly aligned. Each species brings a different nutritional value and deficiency compared to the other, and each species opens or limits the ability to create what you imagine before entering the kitchen. The difference between eggs from chicken, quail, guinea, duck, goose, turkey, etc., must be considered in their importance of use in the kitchen or the bakery.

Farm Fresh Duck Eggs

Duck eggs are superior for baking, pastries, or anything where you want volume, softness, and moisture in the end result. Duck eggs also will help bind ingredients in non-gluten recipes for a more traditional texture using conventional ingredients. The power of the duck egg for the bakery cannot be overstated. Duck eggs also make a fine breakfast in any use, especially in making omelettes due to their fluffy volume.

Not only are duck eggs nutritionally superior to chicken eggs in every aspect, duck eggs also are able to return eggs into the diets of many people with sensitivities to chicken eggs.

Heritage Turkey Eggs

Not only are turkey eggs simply wonderful fried for the basic breakfast, the culinary uses for the turkey egg offers many ways forward that the chicken cannot match. Unlike the duck egg that creates volume, the turkey egg develops unparalleled density and richness. Use for sauces, gravies, crepes, cheesecake, or just enjoy as you would a chicken egg.

Turkey eggs, as with duck eggs are superior in nutrition to chicken eggs. Turkey eggs also generally offer not only an option to those with sensitivities to chicken eggs, but also to those with sensitivities to duck eggs.

Farm Fresh Chicken Eggs

Chicken eggs are a staple in our society. One would be hard-pressed to find a kitchen without one. But there also come with the volume of chicken eggs consumed the production side of the equation. When you come to the understanding that the eggs produced for the larger commodities market may not be the healthiest or best tasting option, local farms step in and deliver. Loudonshire Farm is no different in that we offer quality fresh eggs from healthy free-range birds.

Order Your Perfect Egg

While we have eggs available daily on our roadside stand, we cannot always set up the table due to weather. Ordering your eggs online is a way to secure the eggs you need regardless, and is also a sure way to make sure we are not sold out before you drive to the farm. If you would like to save money on your egg cost, consider purchasing an egg CSA through our website.