Loudonshire Rouen Duck

Waterfowl's ultimate expression of flavor

The Loudonshire Difference 

Loudonshire Farm has been breeding and raising Production Rouen ducks for more than a decade. Over the years we have brought this classical French duck to life using the same traditional methods from France. When the Rouen is raised correctly, allowed to reach the correct age, and is processed according to tradition - there is no equal. 


What To Expect From Loudonshire Rouen

Loudonshire Rouen offers a bold and dark duck flavor with a deep back-end finish. Our Rouen holds that classical flavor and texture that can only come from such a duck raised in the correct traditional manner, and will hold a special place for the duck connoisseur, or those looking to broaden their horizons from the ordinary. Our Rouen is especially suited for the colder and short winter days with a deep red wine to accompany and share an evening with those special guest and family.

Ordering Our Rouen

Traditionally, Rouen are at the finest when allowed to reach twenty-four months of age as is the traditional manner. Loudonshire Farm offers two options each season to our customers, the current seasons hatch at nine months old and our premium Rouen at twenty-four months old. We offer our Rouen once a year in December, with a deposit required for each duck ordered.
As with all our waterfowl, we remain small in the amount we raise each year so as to be able to ensure the highest quality delivered. To secure our Rouen a non-refundable is required to secure your order.

2024 Rouen Duck Deposit $20.00
$8.99/lb (minus deposit) at time of pickup

Average Weight 4-5.5 lbs

As with all our waterfowl and poultry, all orders must be picked up at the farm.