Loudonshire Pekin Duck

A celebration of true heritage waterfowl

The Loudonshire Difference 

At Loudonshire Farm, we have been breeding and raising traditional Pekin ducks for over two decades. Over this time we have not only secured our own bloodlines over this time, but in accordance to historical traditions, but have moved forward in perfecting the ability to deliver the finest heritage meat available through time honored traditions and methods from historical records to those seeking such.


What To Expect From Loudonshire Pekin

Our Pekin duck offers a mild but full duck flavor that is accessible to most palates. Expect a soft buttery undertone with a soft texture. Due to our duck’s lifestyle in an open pasture environment, our ducks will contain less, but superior fat that presents a fuller and more balanced flavor than their counterparts. To achieve our standard of quality, we raise our ducks for more than twelve weeks, 70%  longer than the industry standard allowing our ducks to develop a truer measure of quality.

Ordering Our Pekin

Because Pekin ducks need to be raised, slaughtered, and processed on their molt schedule, we limit our availability to very specific times throughout the year. Generally, our Pekin are only available through our waterfowl subscription plans which require non-refundable deposits.

2024 Pekin Subscription $20.00/Duck
$6.99/lb (minus deposit) at time of pickup
Average weight 4.75-7.25lbs

As with all our waterfowl and poultry, all orders must be picked up at the farm.