At Loudonshire Farm, we have been breeding and raising traditional and historically accurate Pekin ducks for over two decades. Unlike commercially purchased and raised ducks found elsewhere, our Pekin ducks bring forth all the attributes and quality that changed the Western diet and culinary views when first imported and introduced in 1874. We look forward to sharing with you the experience of how properly bred, raised, and prepared Pekin ducks can transform your culinary template.


Whether you are seeking a whole duck, perfect duck breasts, or duck legs for your homemade confit, Loudonshire's Pekin ducks are sure to impress. Along with our specialized breeding, our ducks live outside in the open air and sunshine, receive our custom-milled grain specific to their needs, and are finished with the lost art and science of fairsander to create the highest quality duck meat available anywhere. Discover the difference that heritage and tradition bring to your kitchen.

What To Expect From Loudonshire Pekin

Our Pekin duck offers a mild but full duck flavor accessible to most palates. Expect a soft, buttery undertone with a smooth texture. Due to the lifestyle of an open pasture environment, they will contain less but superior fat that presents a healthier, fuller, and more balanced flavor than their counterparts. To achieve our quality standard, we raise our ducks for more than twelve weeks, 70% longer than the industry standard, allowing our ducks to develop a more accurate measure of genuine quality and deliver the true character of the Pekin duck.

Ordering Our Pekin

Because Pekin ducks need to be raised, slaughtered, and processed on their molt schedule, we limit our availability to very specific times throughout the year. Generally, our Pekin are only available through our waterfowl subscription plans which require non-refundable deposits.

2024 Pekin Subscription $20.00/Duck
$6.99/lb (minus deposit) at time of pickup
Average weight 4.75-7.25lbs

As with all our waterfowl and poultry, all orders must be picked up at the farm.