Loudonshire Farm offers a range of premium artisan meats including Lamb, Hogget, and Mutton, available at the farm or delivered directly to your doorstep. Emphasizing the superiority of traditional UK breeding, Loudonshire Farm offers a quality of meat that has been hard to find in American markets dominated by inferior imports. Our commitment to centuries-old traditions and specialized breeding makes our meats stand out. We invite you to discover the difference in our products and the convenience of online ordering, making high-quality meat accessible as if it were from the farm next door.


The Black Welsh Mountain sheep at Loudonshire Farm are a testament to the belief that sometimes, less truly is more. Without the need for excessive intervention or modern commercial farming practices, these sheep develop a quality of meat that stands out in its simplicity and taste. This approach doesn't just benefit the livestock; it ensures the meat you enjoy is of exceptional quality, born from a process that respects and honors the natural characteristics of the breed. Join us at Loudonshire Farm, where we celebrate the simplicity and authenticity of traditional farming, proving that the best quality often comes from the most natural processes.

What To Expect From Black Welsh Mountain Sheep

As is consistent with Welsh Mountain sheep, our Black Welsh Mountain sits at the high-end of Lamb, Hogget, and Mutton for genuine quality. Once considered the "King's mutton", the same quality across centuries of refinement still remain true retaining a mild flavor and soft texture, even in the eldest of mutton. The meat is a close grain in texture, rich in color, of distinct flavor, and full value with minimum of wasteful fat. While smaller than modern commercial alternatives, size does not always equal quality as the primitive hill breeds display their superiority.
Loudonshire Farm's Black Welsh Mountain sheep are central to their Stratified Breeding System. These sheep, a small, slow-growing primitive breed, are not ideal for traditional lamb cuts but excel as they age. The meat, termed "hogget" at 18 to 24 months, is considered superior in quality and flavor compared to standard lamb meat. As they age further, the quality of the meat improves, earning the title "the King's Mutton." This contrasts with modern breeds designed for rapid growth, highlighting the unique quality of Black Welsh Mountain mutton, a sought-after delicacy for centuries. Loudonshire Farm takes pride in offering such high-quality cuts.

The Welsh Mountain Sheep stands alone at the forefront of quality. While never being modernized for the feedlots or quick turn-over, the Welsh Mountain remains a primitive breed. Due to their slow growth rate, the Welsh Mountain for commercial markets is not considered. Still, their slow growth rate is one of the many significant factors that enable and promotes their unmistakable quality level.

Due to the slow growth of Welsh Mountain sheep, Loudonshire does not sell lamb outside of special requests. Over the years, we have found that Welsh Mountain sheep are not mature enough to develop the quality for which they are known for in their first season. For this reason, Loudonshire exclusively sells Black Welsh Mountain sheep in their second year of growth, or what is referred to as “hogget.” Welsh Mountain hogget meat is of superior quality in every aspect to that of lamb across the spectrum.

For those looking to experience the overall highest quality meat available, Loudonshire also offers cuts from our older Black Welsh Mountain. An authentic representation of genuine quality can only be achieved through primitive breeds, and only when these primitive breeds are allowed the adequate time to mature can their fullest potential be attained. The moniker “the King’s mutton” was not established for Welsh Mountain sheep trivially, and these cuts are some of the highest quality meat available.