Loudonshire Waterfowl

Rejuvenation of ancient art & tradition    

A Connection To Antiquity

Once upon a time, generations before today's corporate agricultural model and profit-first enterprises, food was localized and sustainable. Regional food sources were required which helped create and sustain peoples and cultures. In certain circumstances across the world and time, these domesticates helped define cultures beyond sustaining, and still remain with us today. These domesticates were, and still remain, a vital part of our human experience not only in nutrition, but also of cultural, social, and economic value definitions. Across aeons of breeding, raising, and historical records - waterfowl is a lost connection of cultural health and sustainability that we all should embrace.

Pekin Ducks

When it comes to quality duck, the Loudonshire line of thoroughbred White Pekin is unmatched. Used by the elite Chefs in New Hampshire's finest restaurants, the finest Pekin duck is also available to every home kitchen.

Rouen Ducks

Due to the Rouen's slow growth and smaller size, the Rouen has not been celebrated for generations. The Rouen offers the ultimate experience in waterfowl and is available only once a year in December at Loudonshire Farm. For those who understand waterfowl - reserve early!

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The Embden follows its lineage back to Emden, Germany and defines tradition and heritage across two millennia. A properly bred and raised goose for your Christmas tradition is hard to find, and we sell out early every year. Reserve early!